Joyner Lucas 508-507-2209 Project Review


Where do I begin with this project?! Coming off his 2015 project “Along Came Joyner“, this powerful resurgence in his latest LP 508-507-2209 shows us just where Joyner is mentally.  We see the continuation of depth and vulnerability in his lyrics, especially in the  song “Forever” where he opens up about his mind state while awaiting the birth of his son and how it changed everything within him.  Sadly, It's a sentiment some of us know too well (myself included) but in the end that child's life saves us as it has saved Joyner.  If you are looking for lyricism, delivery and solid production you need look no further than this album.  As a whole, this album is very impressive and it shows the passion hasn't left Joyner in the least.  The standout tracks seem to be “Winter Blues”, “FYM” featuring Mystikal, “Keep it 100”, “I Need More”, “Forever”, “Just Because” and “We Gon Be Alright”.


As a whole body of work, "508-507-2209" gets a solid A in my book. It shows Joyner’s range and growth as an artist and while he stays in his lane, he introduces us to his versatility and willingness to try new things. The only criticism I've been able to justify speaking on after a couple days of listening and digesting the project is maybe this album could've used a couple of tracks that the “mainstream” radio can play.  "We Gon Be Alright" is the only radio friendly joint that I feel will resonate with the casual listener because it falls in line with the sound that is trending nowadays.  Overall, 508-507-2209 is a project that will remain on your playlist for some time and have you looking forward to another Joyner Lucas project. Hopefully we won't have to wait another two years.

"508-507-2209" is available now on ITunes and all other major retail outlets, so make sure you support and listen to the project ASAP.