Disgust is the only word that comes to mind

Actions that gave away all the signs

You and I

Two peas in a pod of the undefined

Foundations of rock that sunk with time

I love you

I hate you

Truth is I barely know you

The vase that's broken can be repaired

Inexperience of the optimist

Truth blinded by trust

Disdain too much to hold a grudge

You almost broke me

I almost died from it

Such emptiness that the void rejected me

The black hole ran from me even as I chased it

I choked it

It screamed

It thrashed

It died

The indifference in my eyes didn't reach my heart

What is life really about

Why do we crave inclusion

This road of being Human

Resentfulness is all that's gaurenteed

Mirrored emptiness reflected from tear drops of blood

I see now that it's all meant to crush

Blue Dream smoke as I levitate to cope

The smile is easy as it reaches beneath the soul

This is all I know...