No Introduction Needed!


Let me begin this by saying, I don't care about how anyone feels in regards to my opinions. The opinions that I express in regards to anyone's craft or work ethic are my own and nobody else's. If you cannot take criticism, PLEASE get up off my column because I have & will always be unfiltered!


Now that I've got that out the way, let's get to what I wanna speak on. There's an uprising of music & unity within the city that I've been seeing and it's not going unnoticed. Even though there happens to be room for growth, I still enjoy what I've been seeing. If you've been living within the inner city of Boston dating back to about 2005, then you understand the growth & changes that have gone on throughout the cit.

Since starting the "ItsLitBoston" brand last year, my goal has been to celebrate as well as recognize artists & people in all forms and fashion. Whether it's music, brand builders, business owners & even people who have knowledge that can be passed on, the end goal is to put a face or voice to these people, instead of going around and clicking on SoundCloud links and reading boring ass Metro papers before hopping on the train.

The points you'll take from my column will be straightforward with no chaser, I don't cater to anyone nor the way they feel. If I fuck with your movement then that's what it is, if I don't then that's what it isn't.