Podcast episodes

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"Big Boy Talk" Featuring "Prano & Lazy Loon"

In this collaborative episode, we sat down with Boston's very own "Prano" and discussed a variety of things. From his bars, to his work ethic as well as some of the music he has created. Sit back, take a listen & remember to tell a friend.

"Gas & Juicy Juice" With D Money Martinez & DJ Number1Hit

This week's episode, we invited SMG artist D money Martinez & Manager  DJ Number1Hit to come chop it up with us. It was his latest stop on his Gas Tour where we conversed about music, side niggas & drinking your kids Juicy Juice in abundance. It was great conversation mixed in with a few gems too. Take a listen and enjoy!

"Cheating Your Value's" With Treva Holmes & Ms. Sheek

This week's episode was one or the books, nothing but laughs mixed in with some real conversations. We had Treva Holmes & Ms. Sheek stop by in the studio to share their point of view's on situations. Take a listen & remember to tell a friend!

It's Lit With "Slick Talk Radio"

On this weeks episode, we chopped it up with the cast of the "Slick Talk Radio". We discussed a few things from R Kelly to stereotypes regarding black & white people. What's an episode without some ignorant knowledge from Sam lol. Take a listen & enjoy!!!


On this week's episode, we didn't bring any new guests and kept it strictly family. We were on a 2 week hiatus and came back firing on all the L's we've taken in the past and more recently too. Make sure you tell a friend & support!


On this weeks episode, we sat down with Boston based artist "Prince Smooth" who happens to be one of the City's best upcoming artists. We discuss his song writing process, feeling like the best lyricist in the city & the endless amount of love he has for his son. Take a listen, tell a friend & enjoy!

The "MuseumTv Episode" Featuring Noble & Nate

On this episode, we sat down with the creators of The MuseumTV & The Boombox Basement (Noble & Nate) and we discussed just about everything. From their own personal growth, to the growth of their brands as well. Of course we covered the rumor of their brands being bias among other things too. Take a listen & remember to support!

"Who's Man is This" Featuring @_DamnItGina

This week, we took a break from music and invited @_DamnItGina to come chop it up with us. We discussed white women liking black men, cultural appropriation, tattoo's and more. Not to mention, Sho has a past that none of us would ever believe. Take a listen & enjoy!

The "Notoriety Music" Episode

This week's episode features the rap duo "Notoriety Music" who came by the studio to chop it up with us. We discussed their upbringing, race, and of course the music scene here in Boston. We also had to cover the light skin vs dark skin debate too, so take a listen & enjoy!

The "TraeDaKidd & 40 $tacks" Episode

On this episode, we chopped it up with buzzing artists "TraeDaKidd" & 40 $takcks. We discussed Boston having it's own sound, artists bonding & building with one another as well as some vulnerability in their music as well. Take a listen & enjoy!

The "WizzDakota" Episode

On this week's episode, the crew sat down with long time bubbling artist/producer WizzDakota! They chopped it up with him about his craft, work ethic & what it takes to make good music. Take a listen, tell a friend & enjoy! 

The Legend Episode With "Ramiro Torres"

On this week's episode, we sat down with legendary radio host Ramiro Torres from Hot 96.9 We discussed relationships, martial arts and much more. Ramiro has been such a staple in the city of Boston, so much so that many people that are listening to this episode grew up hearing him every morning. Take a listen, subscribe & enjoy!

The "queens company" episode

This week's episode, we took a different route and brought in some queens! The Queens Company group came to share some wisdom & talk about how they're bettering their respective communities as well. This episode was filled with plenty of cocoa butter & hot oil scents that are for sure to be heard on the episode lol. Take a listen & enjoy.

The "Lisa Lopes" Episode

On this episode, the crew sat down with singer/song writer Lisa Lopes! They chopped it up with her about her career, growing up being a good kid among a number of other topics. Take a listen & enjoy! Remember, subscribe & rate on iTunes.

Respect The Half - Ricans & Fu Fu Episode

In this week's episode we chopped it up with friend of the show "Shola"! He came and told us what foo foo is really like, what a half-rican is as well as more Africa  myths that we believed were true. Take a listen & laugh all while subscribing & listening to this episode! Enjoy!!! 

The "Hundo Life" & "DJ Dcaso" Episode

This week's episode features Hundo Life & DJ Dcaso alongside Betsy from "Wesocialites" too. We chopped it up in regards to unity within the city, what it takes for artists to propel themselves & branding! Take a listedn and remember to subscribe on iTunes.

The Dark Dynasty K9'S Episode

On this episode we sat down with Marlon Grennan, owner of Dark Dynasty K9's & Home of "Hulk" who happens to be the largest pitbull in the world. He chopped it up with us about his start, what it takes to breed such great dogs as well as how his dog breeding/training business has outgrown his expectation. So sit down & take a listen, remember to subscribe on iTunes to support us!

The "HighKey Random" & "Pistola" Episode

In this week's episode, we sat down with upcoming artists "Highkey Random & Pistola of SuiiMob! We chopped it up about music, dead end jobs & wild ass drugs we've taken. There's much more to them than meets the eye, take a listen and subscribe on iTunes. Enjoy!

The "Sella's kitchen" episode

In his week's episode. we sat down with he mover & shakers behind the films Sella's Kitchen & Boston2Philly. They gave us some insight on how the indie movie process works, the difference between Boston & Philly among other topics as well. Mae sure, you go support & remember to subscribe on iTunes.

Henny & friends PT.3

This weeks episode is the third installment of Henny & Friends! Throughout the audio, you may hear some echoing due to drunk people coming in & out of rooms and the mics picked it up. Hopefully you enjoy it! Remember to subscribe on iTunes & Soundcloud and follow our Instagram page @ItsLitBoston

The "triy & dolo" episode

This week's episode is featuring Boston artists Triy & Dolo! The crew chopped it up with them and it was pretty informative. Take a listen & enjoy