#AnInchADay ! An Interview With The Creative Mind Behind Boston's Premier Vlog: TheMUSEUM TV


In the city of Boston, we're all we got! We know how diverse our city is. We know how much talent is bubbling beneath the surface, waiting to burst onto the scene. Yet it constantly feels like we get overlooked. Despite the fact that Boston ranks 23rd of the 300+ largest cities in the United States, we're still jostling for position in regards to establishing our city as a go-to for all forms of talented creatives. This happens to be one of the reasons why ItsLitBoston was created, but we're not the only ones out here trying to shine a light on what Boston has to offer. Ask anyone who's really paying attention to who's putting on for the city, and you're likely to hear about Boston's Premier Vlog: TheMUSEUM TV. Founded out of a desire to tell our story, it is a platform that is mainly used to display a collective of Boston creatives. Musicians, singers, rappers, photographers, videographers, entrepreneurs and even young professionals from a variety of fields have been featured on TheMUSEUM TV. A little recognition goes a long way, and that is exactly what TheMUSEUM TV strives to give our city and its talented individuals that deserve to be seen! We had the opportunity to speak to Noble (founder of TheMuseum TV) about how he got his start, the reason behind his decision to create the platform, and his plans for the future. Check out the conversation below! 


ItsLitBoston: Give me a brief summary of where you grew up, living circumstances and what put you onto the path you're on now?

Noble: I grew up in the neighborhood of Roxbury in Boston. The big brown building right behind Tropical Foods in Dudley, back when they were in their old spot in that lot for those that know wassup. I'm of Haitian descent, grew up with my Mum, Pops, and older Sis. As far as what put me on my path to where I am now, that just comes from having people that gave a f*ck about me. From primary family to secondary family to older homies. My pops was a School Director in Haiti and from a young age instilled a lot of values in me. Things I needed to work for that I couldn't buy. On top of that my older cousins made sure I heard their negative life experiences to learn from. Looking back now it seems my life's pillars have been: Respect - Hustle - Discipline. I got my first job when I was 12 bussing tables for a Restaurant in the North End of Boston. Young Black Kid traveling on the train everyday from Dudley to the North End. I always knew I wanted to be in some type of Business. S/O to my Albanian Plug, Sokol, for that First Job.


What made you feel something like TheMUSEUM TV was a necessity for the city of Boston?

We didn't have anything that was telling our (the up and comer's) story at a high level with consistency. An infrastructure. Starting The Museum TV came from simply wanting to help my city by filling a void I recognized. The reason the NY, CA, FL, CHI, TX and ATL markets continue to shine is because they have outlets really telling the city's (which of course includes the people in it) story and not what someone can find in a history book. Stories shape the times and I'm just trying to help tell our story. It promotes collaboration. I really feel like our generation is special. Like super special. We them ones.


What was the inspiration behind calling your platform TheMUSEUM TV? Is there any particular meaning behind it?

I like making up names for things. I like bringing together random things and making them make sense. My dorm room in college I called "The Space Time Continuum". Me and some of my guys in college were the "Goo Masters" because of me. I guess my imagination was and still is active. As far as naming The Museum, it was the best way to collectively and creatively group things in my head. There are many different types of museums and they all are still museums. We highlight a wide range of different types of creatives. Each interview or video in question is like an exhibit and you're liable to see anything. It's a dope theme to model after cause it can be limitless.


What do you think guests appreciate most about being featured on TheMUSEUM TV?

People here aren't used to being shown genuine love, and that's what we do for our guests & those we rock with. Amazing what a little love can do to a city.


Name 5 artists/people you want to work with that you haven't yet.

Behind The Scenes: Noble and Nate on set of The BoomBox Basement

Behind The Scenes: Noble and Nate on set of The BoomBox Basement

Millyz, got respect for homie. I want to work with Bodega on something. The Boston Globe. Bia, got respect for shorty. Lastly, I'll go with the Museum of Fine Arts.


In your opinion, what has been TheMUSEUM TV's biggest moment since the platform was created?

The biggest moment for me was when we transitioned from solely producing our monthly photo contest to opening up the content to what people see today. We used to only put out content twice a month and built promotion around that. So, it's definitely dope to see how my experiences helped shape the direction of The Museum TV. Big Facts.


Where do yourself as well as TheMUSEUM TV in 5 years?

I'll continue to be at peace. That's about as much as I can say. As far as TMTV, the plan is to stretch past the boundaries of MA so let's see what happens.


Last but not least, can you give me a quote that you live by?

#AnInchADay but it's more like a mantra. As long as I'm one inch closer to my visions, it's never a Bad Day. It's only an inch. Bad days are discouraging. I don't like those.


Noble and the rest of his team have so much in store for the city of Boston so make sure you stay up to date with TheMUSEUM TV by following them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and by subscribing to their vlog HERE! Also, check out some of the latest additions to TheMUSEUM TV platform below: 


Check out TheMUSEUM TV's Directory ! It lists creatives ready to work that TheMUSEUM TV can vouch for. "People always talk of how they are missing this to do something, or missing that. The Directory lists a range of creators to work with from Photographers to Recording Studios. This will cut back on the excuses from Boston Creatives if they know of The Directory."- Noble



Check Out The BoomBox Basement , an exclusive showcase at Self Made Designs in Quincy, MA for Pop-Up Performances. "Hosted by our guy Nate The BoomBox Basement closed off our 2016 and we're excited to see its growth in 2017 as well." -Noble






"We have a new Host who just started named Amber who will assist Reese with holding Interviews. There's another host soon to be announced as well that we'll keep on the low for now. Just know, the family growing." - Noble