Dorchester's DoggSide Blick Wants It All

Hustle. Grind. Work. These are all concepts that we're familiar with and claim to be about. But who's really out here hustling? Who's really on their grind? Who's really putting in WORK? We know one person who is, and he goes by the name of DoggSide Blick. The Dorchester native has been rapping for some time now and his dedication has resulted in some major cosigns. His latest single "Still Here" features guest verses from Philly powerhouse Ar-ab and NY's Uncle Murda. Not everyone can name drop rappers like that, let alone say that they have collaborated with them. DoggSide can though, and we had the pleasure of conversing with him to get a better understanding of who he is and how he got to where he is today.


ItsLitBoston: Give me a brief summary of where you grew up, living circumstances and what put you onto the path you're on now? 

DoggSide: Dorchester, Mass born and raised man, been here pretty much my whole life. Man I came up in the projects so you know how that go, it was just my moms and my lil bro so we managed the best we could. My Uncles played a big role in my life but you know.. Honestly, I started looking around me and wanted to do something different so I turned to music. And yeah you know,  it just picked up from there.


Who are your influences in the music industry or in your personal life?

Hmmm, that's hard. If you're talkin like dudes back in the day then I would say DMX, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent, just to name a few. As for newer dudes in the game, I would have to say Kanye, Rick Ross, Yo Gotti and Jadakiss. I think that's why my style sounds so different cause my influences are kinda all over, feel me?  


If you could compare yourself to an already established artist who would that be and why?

I don't really like comparing myself to people lol but if I had to I would say Yo Gotti because ain't nothing like being independent and having your own. Plus, he came from a family of hustlers, you gotta respect that!


Cover art for the recently released mixtape "Want It All". Available on DatPiff & SoundCloud.  

Cover art for the recently released mixtape "Want It All". Available on DatPiff & SoundCloud.  

What do you think your listeners appreciate most about your music?

I think they appreciate the fact that I talk about real stuff happening right now in our neighborhoods in Boston. It's really crazy in the streets and I think people hear that rawness in my tracks. You just have to respect it, that's how I feel.


What's your process when you're writing music?

Really its kinda like poetry, it's just how I'm feeling at the moment. Sometimes I sit and think back on a crazy situation that happened and it kinda flows from there, that's why I say it's poetry because its raw, feel me? When I listen to Pac I don't hear rap, I hear poetry. Real life, day to day shit that you can relate to, everyday shit that's still happening.


Explain what you hope to do with your music.

Man you know, I'm just trying to get right and put my fam on. It's as simple as that, really just trying to build. 


Name 5 artists that you want to work with. 3 in the industry. 2 within the city.

Yo Gotti, Kanye Rick Ross. In the city? Cousin Stizz. Honestly, I worked with everyone that's kinda doing it right now so I'm not really sure about a second name lol


What's an every day quote that you live by? 

"Stay Humble."


We're definitely looking forward to seeing the hard work pay off but make sure you stay connected with DoggSide Blick by following him on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud! Also, check out the video for the single "Still Here" Ft. Ar-ab & Uncle Murda on our homepage!