6ixlayne: Boston's Contained Mess

Contain- to control or restrain;

Mess- a situation or state of affairs that is confused or full of difficulties;

Combine those terms and one can only imagine the world in which they could ever go together.  Luckily for us, we don't have to imagine; we needn't look any further than our city's own: 6ixlayne. The self described "Contained Mess" grew up in the Mattapan/Hyde Park area of Boston and began rapping at an early age. After recording his first track in the attic of his childhood friend's home, he decided to continue rapping with the influence and support from father and his late mentor, E. Black. 6ix also drew inspiration from listening to a lot of Young Jeezy and taking notice of the work ethic of DMX. "He had multiple albums dropping in a year, movies coming out, he had the drive." However, when asked to compare himself to an already established artist, 6ix flat out denies all comparisons. Clearly, there is only one 6ixlayne.

I can’t compare myself to anybody, everyone has their own sawse. I think my music embodies me and is a representation of my sound.
— 6ixlayne
6ixlayne performing @ Wonder Bar  

6ixlayne performing @ Wonder Bar

With dreams of having his music heard globally, 6ixlayne plans to expand the culture of music in Boston. 6ix definitely has a unique process when creating his music. "Basically the method to my madness is starting off by adding simple voice notes to my phone and listening to the vibe, followed by plugging in words to give myself a foundation to build my house, which is my music." Listeners can appreciate the originality and diversity of 6ix's catalogue, while still getting to hear infectious hooks and continuous adlibs sprinkled through like "seasoning". If 6ix gets his way, then one day we'll get the chance to hear his sound blended with local artists like Wiz Dakota, Tania Debarros, & Prince Smooth, as well as some established artists like Playboi Carti and PNB Rock.

If you haven't already, check out the latest work from 6ixlayne below! And like 6ix says: "Start your day off with paper, end your day off with paper."