Roxbury's Own: Stizzy Leftlane

It's been a long time coming for Boston talent Stizzy Leftlane. He's been on the grind for some time and his hard work is soon to pay off! Whether he's spittin over O.T. Genesis's "Coco" beat or describing his struggle & pain on his track "Straight Outta Roxbury" his talent is undeniable and that's a fact. It's not too often people from the inner city grow up to see the fruits of their labor but Stizzy Leftlane is sure to reap the benefits soon enough.

Growing up in Roxbury as most inner city youth can relate, Stizzy was ripping & running the streets while occasionally spending time at Boston's notorious Washington Park. Being kicked out of high school is tough for just about anyone so you can imagine what it was like for Stizzy when he was forced to relocate to Mansfield, MA in the 10th grade. Most youth would tend to feel down and out but he looked for a different way out. Sports didn't work out for him so he had to find another hobby to keep himself occupied.

Rapping and writing music is tough to learn and takes time & patience. Soon after meeting Andre K. Dubose, Stizzy found someone who could show him how to better his talent. Andre a.k.a. "D-Rizza" became a great friend and even bigger influence, said Stizzy Leftlane

In the summer of 2006, Andre passed from a heart disease. Seeing the passion that Andre had for rapping while living with the condition he had, motivated Stizzy even more. With Andre's support, as well as support from his family, Stizzy was motivated to go harder than ever before.

I compare myself to the under dogs in the game! They’re underdogs to me but legends to the rap game like Jadakiss, Styles P, Fabolous & Beanie Sigel. Artist’s like them have paved the way and never changed. “Real N*ggaz” is what I call them
— Stizzy Leftlane

His writing process consists of good smoke & good vibes, which helps Stizzy get in his zone to create the music his listeners appreciate. He believes his listeners appreciate the realness & struggle in his raps while painting the perfect picture for you to visualize what he's saying. Hoping to make a big impact in the near future, Stizzy Leftlane hopes to improve his craft and hopes to be able to collaborate with some notable figures in the game such as Jadakiss, Fabolous, & Meek Mill. He even wants to collab with local artists such as Dutch ReBelle & City Boy Dee as well.

“No Struggle, No Progress”
— Stizzy Leftlane

Check out more music by Stizzy Leftlane below. Be on the lookout for more moves by the Roxbury native in the near future.

Sam Johnson

Chief Editor For