Riq Havoc Is Here, And Plans To Do Exactly That !


Life ain't easy. It's a winding road full of road blocks and detours, and it never really goes the way we plan for it to. However, as we've heard time and time again: it's not about the journey, but rather the destination. For Riq Havoc, the destination is pretty clear. He's an artist who's not looking to sign his life away to a label. Instead, he's an artist who hopes to obtain a major distribution deal in order to fulfill his dream of pushing his music, his message and parlaying his music catalog into residual income for his family.  Now, Riq understands that "a dream without action is only a wish", which is a quote he lives by everyday. And after hearing his story, it is more than obvious that Riq will do whatever it takes to make his dream a reality.

Born and raised in Boston (specifically Dorchester & Roxbury), Riq Havoc  grew up in an all too familiar single parent household. With nobody to keep him on track but a hardworking mother who worked overnights as a nurse to support her family and a sister who was a year and a half younger than him, Riq constantly found himself walking hand in hand with trouble. There was the time he found himself back in the Boston Public School system attending the infamous Madison Park High School, after getting kicked out of the METCO program. Then, there was the time he could have lost his football scholarship to Hampton University two weeks after receiving it for getting arrested and charged with armed robbery. Riq ended up beating the case, but wound up losing his scholarship later due to NCAA violations. After transferring to Pierce College in Los Angeles and playing football there for a year, he found himself back in Boston in another all too familiar situation: hustling in the streets trying to make some fast money. Yet it was during this time that music became an outlet for Riq. What started off as something he did to kill some time at the trap house, turned into exactly what he needed to stay out of trouble, and the rest is history.

Most of the music I make comes from my personal experiences or of someone really close to me.
— Riq Havoq

Although twists and turns like the ones mentioned above could prove too daunting to bounce back from for some, it is clear that Riq Havoc is not one of those people. He has handled a variety of difficult situations but has been able to channel those experiences in a positive and productive manner. Riq is not afraid to admit that he is a product of his environment, stating that he draws influence from everything he has been through, as well as the people and things around him. Often, he compares himself to Dave East, another up and coming rapper who has a story similar to his own. Both artists started out as standout athletes in their youth,  but after getting caught up in some trouble found a way to transition to the music world. Another artist that Riq feels similar to is Nipsey Hussle, due to the reality in the content he puts out. Riq believes that he shares the same talent for using his lyrics to paint images of things he has seen and obstacles he has overcome. Riq knows that his fans truly appreciate the honesty in his lyrics and hopes to one day hear his name mentioned on the same platform as Nipsey and other artists out there making "theme music for young niccas with a vision."


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