A Look Inside The Mind Of Boston's Own Skywalka Flytalka

"Life is what you make it, just make it."  This is an inspirational quote that has the ability to resonate deeply within an individual, and it is the quote that Boston native Skywalka Flytalka chooses to live by everyday. Skywalka grew up in a single parent household in Roxbury, where he was the oldest of three children.  "Growing up was rough, but not too rough because my mother held it down, not to sound too cliche. Things were always wicked in the neighborhoods but I was never a follower or someone that settled my issues with violence", Skywalka told us. At some point during his teenage years, he and his family moved to Atlanta. That move proved to be a turning point for Skywalka, as Atlanta was where he met the people who influenced his decision to start making music. 

Skywalka describes himself as an all around artist who can make any kind of music to his listeners' liking. He is hailed for his charisma and delivery, as well as for the variety of music he puts out. "It's not all about shoot em up, bang bang with me and that's what I feel people enjoy about my music. You get something for the club, something for the women and something you can dance to" he says. If you ask him to compare himself to anyone in the industry, Skywalka will tell you he believes he is like Lil Wayne and T.I. because they are great artists all around. He praises their energy, diversity and ability to make music that on one hand makes you turn up, and on the other gives you something to think about, which is a skill he feels he brings to the table as well. In addition to T.I. and Lil Wayne, Skywalka lists Jay-Z, DMX, and Diddy as personal influences. "I never really had guidance in my personal life, so I had to learn from my own mistakes. Seeing those guys do their thing, overcoming personal life situations on and off the stage kinda played a part in how I decide to move in life and with my music." 

All artists have a process when writing music, and Skywalka is no exception. However, the description of his music writing process is one that is very unique. "When I write music and listen to beats, I let my words come to me and I don't force it on the paper.  The instrumental usually tells me what direction I should go in, sometimes its a sad beat or a turn it up type of feel. It's like having a conversation with the instrumental and of course the rhythm takes control and then viola, a great song." 

In regards to the future, Skywalka Flytalka has a very clear vision of what he wants to achieve musically, as well as personally. "I plan on giving people emotion, good and bad. I want people to love and enjoy my music from top to bottom. I wanna be an artist that is apart of the arguments in the barbershop. I wanna be that example for that little kid and make them feel like they can do whatever they want in life. I want to travel the world, make people happy, open other doors with my music and hopefully change part of the world, if not the whole thing!"

Be on the lookout for more from Skywalka Flytalka, stay connected with him on Soundcloud and check out his latest single "Cash Talk" below !