Newcomer Theresa Sophia Drops First EP and It's Definitely For The Woke.

Photo Cred: Kelvin Quaye Edited By: EGRAFX

Photo Cred: Kelvin Quaye

Edited By: EGRAFX

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a listening party for an EP that was gearing up for release. Honestly, I did way more than attend. I got to play bartender for the night and I don't mean to toot my own horn, but everybody was LIT (shoutout to all y'all that sent your girl home $22 richer #TipLife).  Now besides realizing that I might have missed out on my calling as a bartender, I was able to get a behind the scenes look at what dedication to chasing a dream can bring you. That dedication was exhibited by none other than the lady of the hour: Theresa Sophia.

Hailing from Brockton, MA, Theresa is not your average rapper. She is a powerhouse, who has achieved  so much already that she could be successful in a variety of other areas besides rap. So why is she rapping? Everybody is a rapper these days right? What makes her any different? Well one listen to her debut project entitled "For The Woke" and you'll have the answer. Theresa has message that needs to be shared. She is simply sharing it the best way she knows how: with her words. 

Initially identifying as a spoken word aficionado, Theresa made the decision to start rapping in Novermber of 2015. Don't sleep though; she can very easily put on that spoken word hat of hers and slam real quick. However, she gave all of us in attendance at the listening party some insight as to why she switched gears. "Spoken word is a very niche market, and I felt like I could reach more people as a rapper because music is universal." Something about that statement resonated with me because of how much sense it made, and because of how casually she said it, as if being a rapper is a walk in the park or something. I definitely know that it isn't but luckily, so does Theresa. 

With the fear of failure long behind her, Theresa now stands in front of a crowd of friends, family, supporters and naysayers enthusiastically sharing her music for the first time. A short six months after deciding to rap officially, she has a body of work ready and is in position to begin that mission of reaching people. I am not a music critic in any way, shape or form and I don't plan on becoming one now. However, it is clear to me that Theresa's debut EP is a very personal yet relatable project that was a quick glimpse into the mind of an individual whose third eye is indeed open. 

Click Here To Listen To The "For The Woke" Ep!

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