Viva La SSB! An Interview With The Dynamic Duo Making Waves in the Boston DJ Scene

Photo Cred: Mike Janey Edited by: EGRAFX  

Photo Cred: Mike Janey

Edited by: EGRAFX


As I was scrolling through my IG feed yesterday, I came across a post about the release of a mix on Soundcloud. However this wasn't just any mix, and it didn't come from just any DJ. The mix, accurately entitled "Viva La Classics" is the nostalgia ridden, masterful creation of the SuperSmashBroz, the Roxbury bred DJ duo who have been creeping up on the scene with a vengeance. The first thought that came to my mind was: "Another one (No DJ Khaled)? These guys just keep it coming! "Viva La Classics" is the 6th mix to be released to the world and joins the uber popular "Get Your Vibes Right" Vol. 1, 2, and 3, as well as "AfroVibes" Vol. 1 and 2. From the steady outpouring of mixes that feature music from a variety of genres to their legendary spinning at parties & clubs all over Massachusetts, the SuperSmashBroz have proven that they're a force to be reckoned with and are here to stay. Did I mention that 1/2 of the duo (DJ Fre$co) casually moonlights as the official DJ for one of Boston's top upcoming rappers, Michael Christmas? These guys are literally the real deal.

I reached out to DJ Fre$co and DJ Nomz, who were more than happy to answer a few questions and give us a better idea of who they are and why they do what they do. 

When would you say you officially entered the Boston DJ scene? 

Nomz: We did at a lot of minor events in the past, and as we were growing up but we took it seriously and wanted to grow with it more about 7 months ago.
Fre$co: We've been DJing together for quite a while, DJing little birthday parties for friends, small family events, and so on and so forth but honestly last spring was when me and Noma really decided we wanted to actually take DJing serious and get to it.

What made you guys want to become DJs?

Nomz: Honestly most credit would really have to go to our Dad as a result of him giving us equipment to even start DJing. But he didn't really know what he was doing in the sense that he had no idea we would pick up off of him DJing for friends and families at local parties and events, and eventually  branch off on our own. 

That's more along the lines of how you became DJs.. What I'm asking is what made you decide to stick with it ? Why do you love doing what you do ?

Nomz: Definitely seeing people's reaction when we Dj is such a thrill. Also exposing people to new music, listening to something be sampled or hearing some new sh*t to bump prior to it buzzing is super lit because you already have that feeling like: Yoooooooooo when n*ggas get hip to this? SMH
Fre$co: Our dad inspired us from a really young age to become DJs. But as we got older, my ear for music grew more and I honestly believed with my music taste (I always used to put my friends on to new music and I love that feeling), I would be able to excel as a DJ and bring a different vibe to the table.

What separates you from or makes you more unique than other DJs in the city?

Nomz: First off we play everything! We don't overlook any form of music because it opens us up to a variety of people. Along with that we turn up with everyone lol! People want to relate to you and bump music that relates to them so when we play some lit sh*t and everyone in the crowd is t'd up, we going out there, hopping in mosh pits, sometimes  jumping in crowds..etc. It makes people excited to turn up with us. Lastly, we are blood brothers, same mother and father which a lot of people can't say they have. 
Fre$co: I honestly believe we're some of the most versatile DJs in Boston. I went to school in the suburbs so I actually grew up with more of a tolerance for House music, EDM, Top 40, and Country aside from the typical Hip Hop, R&B, Afrobeats, Dancehall and Soca that I grew up around and bumped. We can DJ anything from a club event to a festival to a bar mitzvah lol - besides the versatility, I think we set ourselves apart because we don't just DJ. We're entertainers. We do great with crowd interaction and we really dance. I usually don't see DJs actually go out and dance and turn up with the crowd.

In your own words, describe what a night at a SSB party is like. 

Fre$co: A night at an SSB party is definitely an experience. Different groups of people come together and you just make sure you bring your dancing shoes, because you're NOT going to want to sit around. We just get the vibes right.

Any upcoming gigs that people can check you out at?

Fre$co: We're out here making other moves, Friday I actually have a show in Vancouver with Christmas then the next day we play Llamapalooza in Colorado Springs, Colorado. But as for gigs here in the city:

5/13: We're DJing a store opening event for Studio 2A, a high end/street wear store based in Allston. 
5/14: We're DJing a day party at Garage Lounge in Allston w/ Suave Life and Kingdom of Royal, a Boston based clothing line. And later that night, we're on the bill for The Graduation @ Ascend.
5/21: We're collaborating with Crvftsmen and throwing our own party for the release of GYVR 4 @ Inner Sanctum, but more details on that coming soon!
5/29: Memorial Day weekend, we're playing Boston Calling, Boston's annual music festival. It's the only festival in America that's actually held in an urban city and in the middle of a metropolitan area. 
6/29: We're DJing the "Summer Flare" party presented by Black Monarch in Quincy.

With that being said, there's honestly no excuse for any of us to not go get our vibes right. #GYVR

Stay connected with SSB by following their Soundcloud, as well as their social media pages: 

Instagram: @splashxmuyi , @nomanomz12 , @supersmashbroz
Twitter: @SplashxMuyi , @nomanomz12
Facebook: SuperSmashBroz