Zaddy vs. Daddy

It isn't even summer yet, but there is plenty of boo-loving in the air! I'm here for all the catcalls and eye checks men are receiving from women who are confident to know what they want! Before the sun truly comes out to play, we all need to sit down, drink this tea, and discuss a topic that's been laying on my spirit after many conversations.

Zaddy vs. Daddy

Ladies! *insert shadow shouting emoji here* Let's discuss!

I've had conversations with both men and women about the meanings and differences between "Zaddy" and "Daddy" and when they apply. I can't speak for everyone, but I can tell you as a woman what they usually mean and why there needs to be a difference.

I think it would be best to begin with Zaddy. Zaddy is equivalent to "bae," only with a stronger sexual distinction. Zaddy is who you see when he's out in these streets with a fresh cut and some mean gray sweats on. Zaddy is SEXY. Sexy in a way that every female knows she would go just a little harder in the bed if he's there. The attraction is real and perhaps overwhelming if you're trying to keep it kosher. Zaddy is that dude that all your friends know about. He could be the friend that you wish was more. The reason he is Zaddy is because there are things about him that you may not have found attractive in other men, but he wears it exceptionally well. People. Most of all. Zaddy is potential. 

Ladies, I can hear the hand claps going off around the room. Nothing turns a woman on more than potential in a man. Zaddy's potential could be his ambition in his career, the potential prowess in between the sheets, what his beliefs are; it really depends on what your personal tastes are. Sometimes Zaddy can help you figure out what those are without you even realizing it. You can have more than one Zaddy, and they're the best to flirt with.

Daddy. And no, this does not refer to male who assisted in creating you or raising you.

I've found that Daddy is more relative to two different situations: someone who is putting it down in the bedroom on all levels, or your partner in a relationship that nurtures that relationship. Daddy in the bedroom is a great lover. He learns your body, and takes time in giving it pleasure. He could be one of the best lovers you've ever had, and satisfaction is a guarantee when you link up. But don't get it twisted, that name must be earned in the bedroom. Some of you men think you can tell a woman to call you Daddy and that's all it takes. If you want the title, work for it.

Daddy takes care of home. He makes sure his affairs are in order, that his partner is good, and that they are building a strong foundation. Daddy is what women call a "a real man," you know, the ones we swear don't exist. He could even be the one if things work out.

The main lesson here is to realize that there is a difference. A lot of the difference is based on the potential of who Zaddy is, and if he can blossom into Daddy with said proven potential. 

Be honest with these dudes out here, but most importantly be honest with yourself on if Zaddy or Daddy is what you need in your life!