Beautiful things are happening outside your window. Autumn is making its fight for its rightful place in the season belt. This is a time for change. For some, Fall is more about making changes in your life than New Years. So I thought with all this changing, that it was time to reflect inward and just share some of my thoughts.

About two weeks ago, one of the leaders in my church was preaching. I haven't gotten what he said out of my head yet.


What is your purpose? Are we living out our purpose? Are we pursuing our purpose? If we don't know our purpose yet, are we making all attempts to figure it out? Do you even care about your purpose anymore?

We've all gotten so lost in looking for professions where we can make money. More noteworthy, we have started to take the easy way out; looking for majors (in school) and jobs that we know we are good at. A profession, or a school major that you are good at, isn't always relative to what your purpose may be. Sometimes it's almost as bad as settling for a job just because it's easy money. Have we lost the value of fighting for ourselves as much as we fight for the value of every dollar we make? My own personal definition of purpose is everything you want to be that can benefit the world or better someone else. Here are some steps I believe may help:

1. Who Are You?

In this reflective time, take some quiet time to yourself. I don't care how busy life is, take a day or two and explore who you are. Relax, reflect, remember. Think back to when you were a kid, when your thoughts were of pure innocence and ignorance. What did you want to be? Where did you see your life? Goals? Aspirations? What is your gift for this world? Write everything down.

2. Google It, Baby.

Take this chance to abuse the internet. It is undefeated in terms of research. You take that and find professions, opportunities, networking, anything you can get your hands on that will help you to manifest that purpose. Find out more about what you possibly want to dedicate your life doing. Take it a step further and make connections with those who can help take you to your destination. You never know if it's a part of someone else's purpose to help you find and achieve yours.

3. Be Honest About It.

Be real with yourself. It's not going to happen overnight. It will take time to acquire the blessing that belongs to you. If it takes getting a degree to get into the field, then you already know it will cost time and money. No matter how childish the idea may seem to someone else, always believe in what you want to do and go for it. The success is in defying everyone's thoughts and opinions and doing what you want to do because you chose to do it. 

4. Give Back.

Once you have settled into your purpose, help those around you to find their own. Help them establish those same connections you were making in the research phase. Share the wealth and spread the love. It will help them, and make you feel good about it.


Just my simple thoughts on this humid Friday afternoon. I feel that it is important to lift each other. Like my Grandmother always used to say: "Always do good." You never know who you're helping!