I was referencing moments I experienced as a way to remind myself of what those around me and I are blessed with. I found this gem that reminds me to always check myself.

Today, I was on the bus hustling to meet a friend to get to the gym. The bus pulled over and picked up a father and his young son; I think he was about 7-8 years old. 
As soon as he got on the bus I knew I was going to be annoyed.

He began singing a song REPEATEDLY about someone going down a rabbit hole and I already was TOO THROUGH with hearing it. His father paid little attention to how loud his child was. So he continued singing. And his father continued to ignore him. I kept my face calm as he sang behind me to his father. 

When the bus pulled up to their stop, the son walked to the back door, held onto the pole, and yelled out to the bus driver, “THANK YOU FOR THE RIDE!” His father took his hand, and they walked off the bus while he continued to hum to himself. 

Without realizing it, I found a smile on my face. This young man had manners! It was so refreshing! I realized that I was the one who needed to shut up and not be aggravated, because he was young and happy, and thankful for something as simple as a 5 minute ride. I had NO reason to complain, but every reason to be thankful for another child’s happiness. It was a quick lesson learned for me. God bless the children!!  

There is a lot of pressure on the future of our youth, so much so, that we forget to just allow them to be children and to enjoy their youth. Just a simple reminder of how happiness comes in all forms. Even the simplest. Have you ever noticed how quickly you forget about your own worries when you hear the laughter of a child? The smile that unknowingly appears on your face? Yes, we all have our own issues, doubts, and burdens. But sometimes it's okay to just take the time and share in someone else's joy.