Lone Wolf

Two fine strands of unicorn hair

Bind into a knot the world knows could never come apart

I have to hold your heart in order for you to pace your steps

You never look down 

Hoping to glide past the past

Trembling in in your resolve, to never step on a shard, of broken glass

You fear physical pain over emotional

And that's where our similarities end

I could grow apple trees and orchards in your name

As long as they lasted for as long as I was taught

But you run in circles around my trodden garden

You don't even realize.

I notice.

You won't stop running for fear of noting that I'm still standing there

Waiting for you to see it is your own garden, your own peace

That you are destroying in ad effort for me not to see you.

There are no options

I can show you peace

I can give you empathy

I can walk on broken glass from the hilt of a brazen fire

If I'm looking at you I feel nothing

With our hands outstretched

Can we save each other?