My Weakness

I love the way you spread your legs for me,
just enough for me to slip inside,
Your beauty is indescribable,
from your small, perky, breasts,
to your smooth, voluptuous thighs,
Succulent nipples,
juicy lips,
I can't help myself from holding onto your neck,
this choker does things to me I can't explain,
I want to please you,
hurt you,
why is it that I wish to cause you pleasurable pain?
You don't understand what you do to me...
I can taste you for hours,
Suffocating between your legs,
drowning in your juices,
and I'll never be satisfied.
I crave you,
Your scent,
your touch,
your body,
your lips,
your love.
I want to bask in your ambiance,
As my fingers roam each crevice of your immaculate canvas,
and we collapse into each others arms,
—your gaze locked with mine,
hearing your hushed voice speak,
of how you want this love to last —lifetimes.

Sam Johnson

Chief Editor For