I Do...?

Summertime is always the season for the most beautiful weddings. All around me I see pictures of beautiful couples and decorated weddings. Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the preparation and splendor of it all. A union that seems to start on solid ground. So what's up with the divorce rate?

Depending on who and when you ask, the divorce rate in America is 50-55% and seems to be climbing. People are literally starting off with half a chance at marital bliss. Music, movies, and society as a whole seem to reflect our culture more than we realize. Couples are putting more focus into having a family without the pressure of getting married. Monogamy isn't as celebrated as it once was years ago. People are becoming more content with being single and not having to deal with the culture changes of being in open or polygamous relationships. 

Don't get me wrong, there are still people who want to get married and do things the old fashioned way. Dating, couple, marriage, kids, etc. in the order (Momma Dee's voice). But these people seem to be few and far, which makes dating with a purpose so desperately hard to do. There are those who just don't believe in marriage, but will stay strong and true to one person.

As a Christian woman, I believe in marriage. I must say that I have fallen victim to the doubts of having a union. For one, my culture puts pressure on being a successful women in correlation to getting married. I also live in a society where I am heavily influenced (whether I want to admit it or not) by what is going on around me. I see people getting married one day, and divorcing the next. I know happy people in unmarried monogamous relationships, following this trend of "let's just see what happens" along with those who want nothing to do with getting married. 

I think it's a personal call between you and your partner. But I believe in the sanctity of marriage. Yes, I believe people cheat and make mistakes, but I also believe that there are ups and downs and you work through them together. Marriage can teach everyone what we seem to be lacking today. Forgiveness, hope, resilience, patience, kindness, sympathy, empathy, and more. I believe in growing old together and setting that example for our children and grandchildren. For me, marriage means two souls that are linked. I don't want to get a divorce, though it may happen according to these wack statistics. 

How do you feel about the idea of marriage?