Crumbling Walls...

Sometimes I feel as though I my empathy is more absorption when it comes to stories my friends tell me..I wrote this for someone close to me.


 They told me mortar would sustain this

Frivolous foundation built on a 

Pretense of what we both held our palms

open towards the broken sky with summer rains

Thinking we would get what we deserve

Water my garden to surround this love

So no one can see bricks trembling


To fall, crushed underneath the gravity of

Expectancy, we built pillars too tall

Always reaching but expecting the other to climb higher

We both got lost in Babel's climb

When I shielded my eyes I couldn't see you

I remained at the foot

Maybe I was scared you wouldn't catch me if I fell

But I stood ready in position, waiting for you to

I expected for you to know how to build us up, build me up

Simply because you knew how to use your hands

You were thinking I was too good for you to use them otherwise

I sympathize

With the fact that you were never meant to build this shelter with me

And the only thing keeping a roof over my head

The only thing that kept me safe

Was walking away.