It's So Hard To Stay Pure Jesus!

Do you party hard on Friday and Saturday but still make a point to be at church on Sunday? If so, is that behavior hypocritical?

That is the question that was posed during our team meeting the other night, and what ultimately inspired this post. It's definitely a question I've tried to answer so many times, that I wound up writing a poem about it. I will post the poem shortly but before I do, I want to explain a little further about why this is a topic that can not be ignored.

Religion is obviously a sensitive topic that I do not intend to force on anybody, but the majority of people I come across and regularly associate with have had some kind of experience with it. Regardless of what spectrum you're on, from the non religious/borderline atheists to the church dam near everyday of the week folks, you are aware of what religion is and have made a conscious choice about what role it plays in your life. However, when you run into somebody on a different end of the spectrum than you are, do you honestly refrain from being judgmental? I hope so because it honestly isn't your place to judge. We're all entitled to our opinions but we're not entitled to forcing our opinions onto others, especially when it concerns such a sensitive issue.

To bring this all full circle, I have come to the conclusion that my original question is one that can only be answered internally. If you find that behavior hypocritical, then change your ways. If you don't, then keep doing you boo. That's between you and God!

Hope y'all enjoy the poem :)


Greater is he that is in me, then he that is the world.
Yea, that's what the bible says.
And I'm in the world alright.
And its getting harder and harder to leave..

Do you know what its like to live a life immersed in sin ?
While knowing that living such a life, full of carnal pleasures and activities of the flesh only takes you further away from his glory ?
And knowing at the same time exactly what to do turn all that around ?
Its like knowing all the answers on a test, but purposely choosing the wrong answers on every question.

Sounds crazy doesn't it ?
But that's what I do everyday.
Because I'm not ready..

Growing up, all I heard was:
"Why don't you want to be more involved in the church?"
Well honestly, its because I was smart enough to know that I wasn't ready to give my life to him yet !
And you weren't gonna catch me singing my heart out for him on Sunday, then turning my back on him come Monday.
Cuz that's what some of the other kids were doing..
And while everybody was mad at me for not being "holy", they shoulda been paying attention to those other kids who were faking their way to heaven..

I don't do fake.
There will be no faking with me.

You see, my walk with him is exactly that: MY WALK..
God knows that I am NOTHING without my faith..
And he continues to shower me with blessings, in spite of the fact that I am willingly choosing a life of sin..
But I can't give him all of me just yet because I'm still not ready..

One of my favorite poems goes like this:
"There is a voice inside of you
that whispers all day long,
I feel that this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide,
What's right for you-- just listen to The voice that speaks inside."

Well I know who's voice it is.
And one day, that voice is going to say: "You're ready."

Sidenote:  The overall message of this poem is so important that I even went as far as reciting the piece at my church one fine Sunday morning. I'll let you all ponder about how that must have went. LOL