Why You Need to Worry About Who You Let In and NOT Who Lets You In

It's human nature to want to be everything someone is dreaming of. 

Think about it.

After being attracted to someone, we spend time imagining this perfect person to fit our wants and needs. We paint this picture of someone who in most cases, isn't the person we are imagining at all. Confusion is probably the mildest word I can think of in instances like this. Sometimes, we tend to let people's words and actions slide because we are so focused on the potential of who they could be and not who they are. Then we get mad at the person or mad at ourselves for putting up with so much nonsense when our time should be valued.

At times, we even try to change who we are to be with someone. In more extreme cases, we change how or what we eat, what we listen to or watch, etc. We become so focused on complimenting our counterpart because we see them as being better. This is usually what happens when someone feels like they do not know who they are after a major break up. It's the fastest way to lose yourself.

The sick part of this is that we continue to repeat the same mistake, person after person, almost as if our hope is more stubborn than our reality.

It is important, despite age, to know that you should be paying more attention to who you let into your world, your heart, your space, than who lets you in.

As you grow, there are comforts and behaviors that you are used to. There are goals you are seeking to achieve. You are unlocking all the maps to happiness, no matter how arduous the journey. This is the time to look around at your friendships, but most importantly, relationships that you are trying to make concrete. If you are paying more attention to who is letting you into their space, and not who you are letting into your own space, you will easily settle for a situation that will distract you. Look at yourself and the people around you. You've either been through this, or you know people who've been in these situations. The result of not paying attention to what you desire and need are a loss in confidence, distraction(s) that can set you back from your goals, settling for a situation that you are not happy with, losing yourself or the better version of yourself you've been striving to become, or becoming someone you never wanted to be like.

You have to fall in love with your flaws and work on becoming a better person for yourself. Knowledge of self is KEY before you can digest knowledge of anyone else. Its' easy to lose sight of yourself. What's important is to be resilient in placing yourself back in your line of vision. Once you are solid in who you are, finding someone to compliment you will only enhance your life.