Why Are You Still Surprised by Lil' Wayne?

Yo. I'm lost.

How are you all still surprised by the comments from this man? 

Hell, by any man?

As you all have probably learned through your numerous timelines, Lil' Wayne is back at it again! This time on another interview with comments made on Nightline concerning his connection to the Black Lives Matter Movement. In the recent interview that airs...whenever the f*** it airs...he makes statements pretty much saying that he cannot identify with the Black Lives Matter movement, that he's been "blessed" to not have felt racism, and that he's pretty much only concerned about himself.

Prior to all of this wahala, there were whispers of women saying he doesn't like dark-skinned women (even though Reginae is a dark-skinned beautiful black queen), and other related rumors. In previous songs he has recorded he has also supported the Black Lives Matter movement, the neglect of the black community, and talked about police brutality. 

My question to all of this is...Why are we still surprised??

Lil' Wayne isn't the first or last black man to think America has been great to him. Yes, I understand he is not a politician, he can have his own opinions and preferences, and he's a rapper of his own experiences. But My God, the ignorance behind this man due to his success is beyond reaching. Don't get me wrong. I love some of his old stuff. But people really? Is Lil' Wayne the real issue here?

To me, he is just a face to the true problem. We aren't being supportive enough of our black community. His contradictory stance of supporting and then feigning ignorance of the Black Lives Matter movement is just the new age hyped up look of Uncle Tom. I apologize for the harshness of the term but it's true. We are the ones buying the music, purchasing concert tickets, buying merchandise, and encouraging these celebrities to make this money and throw the finger at us in return. It's not easy to watch someone you admire go from supporting the community, to solely supporting themselves at a time where we need their support the most. Lil' Wayne is just another lost soul. Another casualty of the War on Hate that so many of our brothers and sisters are dying for. I may feel or speak harsh, but I can imagine the sadness of those who are "woke" and looked up to him once his words were said.

You have to ask yourself who and what are you supporting?